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Why Is It Important to Apply Small Business Credit Cards?

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If you are a small business owner, have you thought about financing your company with a business credit card? Some business owners may feel hesitant to apply for a business credit card and choose to use their personal credit cards instead. Nevertheless, there are certain advantages of using a credit card that is truly designed for small businesses. In this post, we will take a look at each of the major advantages.

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What Can you Get from a Secured Business Credit Cards

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Have you considered applying for a business credit card to finance your small business? Many business credit cards in the market require good credit history but if you have bad credit or poor credit rating, then a secured credit card for business is your next option. In this article, let’s discuss the basic facts you need to know about this type of small business credit card.

What is a Secured Business Credit Card?

Similar to a personal secured credit card, a secured card for small business requires the submission of cash deposit which will be used as guarantee for debts that will be incurred using the card. Hence, if the owner of the account defaults payment, the issuer of the business credit card can use the amount deposited as payment for debts. Because of the cash security deposit, approval is not based on the applicant’s credit history but on the cardholder’s ability to make a deposit.

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Business Credit Card Facts

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Despite the advantages of a business credit card, there are certain risks that must be avoided as well. In this post, let’s talk about the basic facts that owners of business credit cards or those who plan to get one must understand. First, let’s talk about the risks and then we will consider the advantages.

Business Credit Card and Personal Liability

Business credit cards enable business owners to separate personal and business finances. This prevents confusion especially as expenditures are bound to increase as the business grows. Despite being a separate account however, the business credit card owner is not exempted from liability. This means that the account holder is accountable to pay for the debts incurred using the business credit card.

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