Business Credit Card Reviews

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Credit Cards for Small Business

Business Credit Cards is very helpful to small businesses. However, you must also consider the risks associated with the use of these cards and know how you can avoid them.

Many financial experts recommend the use of business credit cards for small business entrepreneurs. However, despite the advantages they offer, the success of using business credit cards largely depend on how you utilize your account. In this article, let’s talk about the possible pitfalls that are associated with the incorrect use of business credit cards and how you can avoid them.

Pitfalls of Business Credit Cards

Maxing out your credit. It could be tempting to maximize the use of your credit, particularly if you have a low credit line. Such a habit can pose a great risk because debts can easily pile up in your account until repayment becomes too difficult. Aside from this, maximizing your credit limit can have a negative effect in your credit score. Lenders can instantly consider you as a high risk borrower if your credit history shows that you have the habit of using your credit line to the full.

Charging all your expenses on your business credit card. Because credit cards are so convenient to use, there is also the danger of overspending. In fact, some business owners even charge personal expenses to their business credit cards. This can be a very dangerous habit since it can easily put you in a serious debt situation.

The issue of personal liability. When you apply for a business credit card, there is a statement in your contract that makes you accountable for all debts charged to your business account. This is known as the personal liability statement. Once you sign up for the card, you also agree that you will be responsible to pay for all debts that would be charged to your business credit card. Should you fail to keep up with your payments, your personal credit history is all at stake. Clearly, it is crucial to always be alert on how your business credit card account is used.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Credit Cards for Business

Being aware of the possible dangers on using business credit cards should not at all discourage you from getting one. Instead, it should make you become more responsible and vigilant in managing your credit card account.

One way to reduce the risks is to pay off your balances in full each month. Aside from minimizing the risk of uncontrolled debt, you also avoid unnecessary costs such as the additional interest rates and late penalty charges.

Another vital step in managing business credit cards is to check your account regularly. Examine your monthly billing statements for any errors or unnecessary purchases. This way, you can take the appropriate action immediately and avoid falling in the debt trap.

Make sure that you’ll only use your business credit card exclusively for business expenses. Before charging a purchase, make sure that it’s really important to your business. See to it that you can afford to pay off your charges completely without carrying over your balance for the next month. Finally, submit your credit card payments on time to protect your credit history.


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