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The Drawbacks of Contractors’ Business Credit Cards

Credit card companies know the potential of business credit card clients. This is why they come up with more specific and better features that are especially created to meet different types of businesses. For instance, the group small constructors and construction companies is a niche market with great potential.

To attract contractors and business construction owners, credit card companies offer specific features that are designed to meet their spending style and needs. According to recent surveys in the credit card industry, most businesses spend only less than 5% on their business credit cards. Thus, credit card issuers are currently introducing offers to entice business credit card holders to use their cards more often.

One example is the Chase Contractor Visa Business credit card. This card offers promotional financial and a attractive reward package for those who will spend at least $1,000 or more on their construction material purchases. This card also doesn’t have a pre-determined spending limit so its holders can use it for as much purchases as they need.

If you’re a contractor or is in the construction business, taking a look at business credit cards for contractors are definitely worth considering. Nevertheless, here are the possible drawbacks that you should be aware of.

Possible Drawbacks of Contractors’ Credit Cards

It’s important to remember that each business credit card has its own set of rules and conditions that you need to know. The same thing applies to business credit cards with rewards programs for contractors. If you’re not clear about the rules, you may find yourself stuck with a card that doesn’t reward you at all.

What types of purchases are eligible to earn you points? You need to be very sure about the exact type of purchases or from which merchants you should purchase from in order to earn points. Otherwise, you could be using your business credit card in the wrong way. Even if you charge your purchases to your credit card, if those purchases do not count, you won’t be earning points at all.

Is there a limit to the amount or value of reward points your can earn? Some credit cards would only allow you to earn a maximum number of points each month. The Chase Contractor Visa Business credit card has a limit of 20,000 points per month which means you can’t exceed the 20,000 points even if you made more than $20,000 worth of purchases for the whole month.

Does the card impose a pre-determined limit on spending? In case you exceed your credit limit, would this mean you’re disqualified to earn points? Or would you be allowed to earn points for the amount that falls below your credit limit? Is there a penalty fee for exceeding your credit limit?

These are important terms and conditions that you should be clear about before signing up for a contractor’s business credit card. To learn about the exact terms and conditions, you need to take the time to read the contract before filling-out and submitting your credit card application.

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