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Establishing Business Credit and Personal Credit at The Same Time

When applying for a business credit, do you know that your personal credit is also improving. This article is about how your personal credit can affect the future of your business.

If you’re thinking about venturing into business, better check on the status of your personal credit history as well. Although having an excellent personal credit is not a requirement in business, it is definitely an advantage. In what way?

To start a business, you’ll need financing assistance. Regardless of which form of business financing you wish to acquire- whether a business loan, a business credit card, or other financing option, your personal credit history would most likely determine the approval of your application. Obviously, lenders would prefer clients with an impressive personal credit over those with a history of poor credit.

Having an excellent credit score would not only guarantee a quick approval of your loan application, it also opens more doors of opportunities to qualify for loans with lower interest rates and better repayment terms. Although bad credit business loans do exist in the market, they are often accompanied with higher interest rate, lower credit limits, shorter repayment periods and more restrictions.

Build Your Personal Credit to Establish Business Credit

Clearly, building on your personal credit is one way to make things a lot easier for you. Another reason why you should work on raising your credit score is so you can establish your business credit or corporate credit as soon as possible.

Separating your personal credit history from your business credit is a very important issue. Having a corporate credit protects your personal credit history from possible damages that can result if the business you started doesn’t go as well as expected. For instance, if you were late in submitting your payments on your business loan, only your business credit score would suffer. Without a corporate credit, all your business transactions would directly affect your personal credit.

Usually, it takes about two years after establishing your business credit before you can completely separate these two entities. At the start, you’ll have to rely on your personal credit history when applying for business loans or business credit cards. As your business gains its footing however, lenders would begin to recognize your corporate credit history as the basis for their decisions. That’s why it is a must for new business owners to register their businesses with a business credit bureau immediately.

Dun & Bradstreet is the most popular business credit reporting agency in the US. Upon the start of your business, register for your D&B number so you can start building your Paydex Score right away. Just as timeliness of payment plays a major role in building a personal credit score, the same principle also applies to business credit. By staying within your credit limit and paying ALL your creditors on time, you‘ll be building an outstanding credit history for your business.

Building a solid business credit history is a crucial preparation for your company. By the time you’ll need further assistance to finance the growth or expansion of your business, you can be assured that you can get easily approved for business loans that require excellent credit.

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