Business Credit Card Reviews

Business and Corporate Credit Cards

by: Noreen Ruth

Credit card companies have developed a variety of cards with businesses in mind with lines of credit starting at $50,000 or more. To help you understand the different options and to help you avoid the confusion of terms and details, we provide some helpful information.

Small Business Credit Cards

Credit cards for small businesses are offered to the general population through advertisements on the Internet or as pre-approved invitations you receive in the mail. These offers are more ‘what you see is what you get.’ Granted, you can shop around for the business card offer that best meets your needs but there is little customization offered. The owner’s name is found on the front of the card.

The responsibility for paying the credit card debt for small business credit cards lies with the business owner. If the account is defaulted on, the negative results will impact the personal credit history of the owner.

Corporate Credit Cards

On the other hand, corporate credit cards are not as readily available through the mass media. These cards are targeted to a specific group, organization, or corporation and can be highly customized. The reason for this increased flexibility comes down to revenue. With the potential of millions of dollars in transactions, corporate card holders are given much more say in how their accounts are set up.

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